Turnkey Production

At Infinite Canvas, we offer turnkey production services. Tell us your vision, give us your idea, and we'll be your video completely from scratch. From end to end, we'll handle each step of the process- from creative direction, scripting, storyboarding and logistics to production, cameras, sound, post, and effects, we'll design and produce every aspect of your video. 


The Creative Process

At Infinite Canvas, we focus on each step of pre-production. In discovery, we'll suss out each one of your needs, study your budget, and see what we can offer you. In development, we'll write scripts, develop storyboards, scout locations, and schedule shoots. We've spent years fine-tuning our creative process, and we not only know how to maximize our project conceptualization, we know how to minimize surprises- so by the time we roll into production, you know exactly what you're getting.


Jobs to Scale

Whether you need a complete video, or just a camera operator for the afternoon, Infinite Canvas can help. We study each job, and adapt to the roles it needs. From a complete video, to a la carte roles and services, Infinite Canvas can build a job plan that works for you. We've had video shots with crews as small as 2 and as large as 20, and we've filled in single roles in all kinds of productions as well.


Experts in Every Field

When we start your production, we bring relevant experts from every field onboard. From expert gaffers and audio engineers to HMUAs, animators, camera operators, and more, we make sure that serious talent is handling each and every aspect of your video.