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Kevin Rossi 

One of the founding members of Infinite Canvas, Kevin is a skilled filmmaker, photographer, editor, and collaborator. Across a production career spanning over 13 years, Kevin has worked with brands like The Weather Channel, Univision, BBC, Microsoft—just to name a few. Whether he’s on a feature film set, in the deserts of Dubai, or in the mountains of Japan, Kevin’s lifelong love of film has propelled him forward. His expertise in lighting, movement, and editing enables him to creatively, yet efficiently, unlock each story’s potential. 


Anna Remus

Anna is an emerging filmmaker and gifted writer, producer, and marketer. After graduating from Harvard, Anna spent several years in the in-house marketing teams of Boston’s tech scene before moving to WGBH to work in production for the nationally-broadcast program Masterpiece. From creative project conception, to production management, to accurate and timely delivery—Anna leverages her experience with large-scale productions to help our clients achieve their goals. 

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Jason Walsh

The owner and founder of Infinite Canvas, Jason brings over a decade of professional film production experience. He first honed his skills as a video producer at Nokia, creating everything from product tours to employee engagement pieces for one of the world’s largest brands. In 2012, he started Infinite Canvas with one mission: to help brands across industries tell their story in a more authentic way. Since then, Infinite Canvas has grown into a boutique production team capable of sophisticated storytelling, aerial videography, robust live streaming, and so much more.

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John Mosetich

John is an award-winning filmmaker, editor, and lighting specialist with over twenty years of production experience. Whether on a feature film set, an auditorium stage, or in a busy event space—John brings an unparalleled level of production versatility and expertise. He has worked across industries to create vivid, engaging visual stories for brands like Hasbro, Converse, The Walking Dead, and more. John’s advanced proficiency in both stylized and natural lighting empowers Infinite Canvas to provide our clients with truly cinematic work.  

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Matt Gelineau

A talented producer, editor, and photographer, Matt brings over 15 years of professional marketing and media experience to the team. During several years as a senior-level producer in the agency world, Matt empowered big brands—like MINI, Fidelity, and Converse—to tell their stories. At Infinite Canvas, he puts his industry credits to work, using strategic discovery, production, and delivery processes to help our clients communicate and win.