Infinite Canvas

Live stream


Broadcast Live or Local

Our live stream technology allows us to both broadcast to social networks as well as record locally. We can shoot your sales summit, capture your training, or any other event, and hand the footage off as soon as the event concludes.


Compact Footprint

Many live broadcast providers require lots of hardware, power, and labor. With our compact design, we can broadcast and record in in many spaces at a fraction of the size, and cost.


Scalable Productions

Whether you're looking for a single-camera lecture, or an in-depth production, we can serve your needs. We can add up to six cameras, and additional sources like computers, Power Points, Skype calls, and more.


Global Maneuverability

We've streamed from cities around the globe. Our small, scalable footprint gives us the ability to bring our equipment almost anywhere. Our experience with networks, hardware, logistics, and travel make us a great fit, no matter where your venue is.