Infinite Canvas Aerial Reel



Drone Work Done Right.

When we opened our aerial division, we wanted to bring the same high quality pre-production, logistics, and creative direction that goes into the rest of our videos. We took the time to develop everything we need to make sure that when you opt-in on drone services, the aerial footage we capture not only looks stunning, it seamlessly fits into the rest of your project.


Complete Plans & Approvals

During our pre-production process, we'll scout potential shooting locations, build a flight plan for FAA approval, secure any additional permits and permissions with local PD and city managers, and navigate any ordinances that may impact flying.


All The Right Hardware

At Infinite Canvas, we have all the right hardware for your production needs. From additional lensing, filters, and ND to backup drones, smaller drones, and more, we've got everything we need to make sure your footage is the highest quality.